Артос / Áρτος

Храм Святого Илии на Пороховых
Храм Святого Илии на Пороховых

'ARTOS' vocal ensamble

"Artos" is a concert ensemble from the Church of Elijah the Prophet, Okhtinsky Deanery, Saint-Petersburg. 2009 was the 20th anniversary of the ensemble.

In Millenium of the Baptism of Russia after long years of desolation our Church was returned to the believers and the common prayer resumed. The Church was restored under supervision of the Rector Archpriest Alexander Budnikov thanks to donations of the parish. By the order of Patriarch of Moscow Alexiy Margarita Krasova, a graduate of Theological Seminary and Academy, became the first Choir master. Today a men''s choir consisting of 14 people sings in the church, they are all Christians and they take part in the Sacraments. Spirituality of singing is the main requirement to Choir master. Margarita Krasova was presented two medals for creation of a highly professional church choir.

Rector Alexander Budnikov also heads the Missionary Department of Saint-Petersburg Diocese and is an active preacher of Orthodoxy. Church choir began assisting the rector in different festivals of spiritual music, concerts, meetings, exhibitions, seminars and other events under the aegis of Metropolitan Vladimir. In the event a mobile concert cast of six people was formed and was named "Harmonia".

In 2001 Margarita Krasova was on tour in Italy with J. Gurbo choir "Peter and Paul" and met two opera singers - Natalia Vlasova and Valeria Ermachenkova. As a result of creative cooperation a mixed ensemble was formed. Nowadays both crews successfully tour in Russia and abroad. Among close friends of "Artos" are Forum of Russian Culture and personally Mister Frans Kiesel, Father Frank Lotikhius with his spouse, Mister Bernard Schmelzer and Missis Schtammen from a hospitable town of Zelle.We enjoy inviting our friends and love travelling ourselves.

"I thank my teachers whom I listened to standing in the choir, who taught me to feel, understand and love spiritual music when communism was growing and words of prayer were forbidden to proclaim; I thank those who gave me part of their soul during singing and conducting classes, who taught me to ponder over Divine Providence and search the truth. I thank all wonderful people who I was lucky to meet and who even after their blessed death have been helping me to develop, serve people and follow the path predestined by God."


16.06.2016    Stehende Ovationen für St.Petersburger Solisten
CELLE. Von frühchristlichen Gesängen aus dem mittelalter-lichen Byzanz über Bortnjanskis "Ich bete an die Macht der Liebe" bis zu populären Opern-arien von Mozart erstreckte sich das Programm der "St. Pe-tersburger Solisten" am Donnerstag in der Evangelisch-reformierten Kirche.
14.06.2016    Pure Emotionen in der Liebtrauenkirche
Das "Trio Artos" überzeugte sein Gütersloher Publikum. Und das, obwohl die drei Sanger ihr Gastspiel in anderer Besetzung geplant hatten.
28.03.2016    Приглашаем всех на наш Великопостный концерт!

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